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A note from Joan Schaeffer:

The 2019-20 school year was to have been our last year offering Historical Perspectives’ inspiring role models in schools due to an Alzheimer’s diagnosis within my family, which now requires daily care.  However, because of the number of requests we have received from schools for VIRTUAL programs, we have been presenting the following outstanding historical role models,

HELEN KELLER: Champion of the Disabled,
WILMA RUDOLPH: Olympic Champion
CLARA BARTON: Teacher, Nurse, Founder of the American Red Cross and
MARTIN LUTHER KING: A Leader in Conflict Resolution

in an easily accessible, pre-recorded format to complement any learning environment in which you may be working, including in-class, virtual or hybrid.  These compelling, very uplifting portrayals will complement diversity, inclusion, leadership, Black history, women’s history, disability awareness, Civil War, conflict resolution, character education, social studies, language arts and more. Please see our Helen Keller, Clara Barton, Wilma Rudolph and MLK pages for a full description of each captivating program for students in grades K-8.
  Show pictures and reviews can also be seen at Historical  Perspectives for Children on Facebook!

HELEN, WILMA, MLK and CLARA will be easily accessible via a simple link and password for the entire school day on which you book.  This very flexible, easy-to-use process allows your students and classrooms to view the program whenever it is convenient for them throughout the school day. Teachers can also start and stop the program whenever they wish for classroom discussion.

We look forward to inspiring your students again this year and sincerely thank you for your continued support of our programs over the past 32 years.

Stay well and safe, everyone.

--Joan Schaeffer

**Each year, HPC donates a portion of our profits to UNICEF, to help support the world’s most vulnerable children.**


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