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Madam C. J. Walker

Inventor / Entrepreneur

Madam C.J. Walker.Children are businesspeople when they set up their own lemonade stands or secure jobs mowing the lawn or babysitting. This natural initiative must continue to be nurtured as children mature in our ever-changing world, and Madam C.J. Walker encourages this through her story.

Orphaned at age 7, she eventually married and had a child whom she put through college on the meager earnings of a washer woman.

Determined, then, to improve her own life, she invented a product to solve the problem of hair loss which plagued black women in her time. In selling this and other hygiene products, she provided jobs for thousands, raised self-esteem of millions and went on to become the first self-made woman millionaire in the United States.

Madam Walker's story will inspire children to set personal goals, organize a plan to achieve them, and persevere to see those goals through to completion.


  • Career Day
  • The study of inventors
  • The writing of biographies
  • Units on character education
  • Units on multi-cultural awareness 
  • The subjects of social studies and language arts


*October - National Book Month
*October 21-27 - National CHARACTER COUNTS! Week
*November 12-18 - American Education Week
*November 12-18 - Children's Book Week
*December - Madam Walker's birthday is December 23
*February - Black History Month
*February 11 - National Inventor's Day
*March - Women's History Month
*April 13-19 - National Library Week
*April 25 - Take Your Daughter to Work Day

*For specific tie-ins to your state's curriculum and learning standards, please call our office.


"The program was beautiful. The children learned they can succeed in life, even though it may not be easy."
  -- Primary LED Teacher, Johnson School, Chicago
"The story was easy to understand for all grades. It was a very inspirational program."
  -- Sixth Grade Teacher, Christopher School, Chicago

"Wonderful presentation! The children were full of positive comments afterwards. Great classroom discussion developed."
  -- First Grade Teacher, North Londonderry School, Londonderry NH
"Outstanding! What an incredible and inspirational story! The program was energetic, entertaining and educational!"
  -- Fourth Grade Teacher, Berrnazzani School, Quincy

"So appropriate for the K-3 developmental level! HPC is a gift!" 
  -- Second Grade Teacher, Palmer Lake School, Brooklyn Park
"Great performance! Students really enjoyed the show and learned a lot! Definitely worth the time and dollars!"
  -- Sixth Grade Teacher, Sun Path School, Shakopee


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