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Marie Curie
Scientist, Mother, Humanitarian

Marie CurieMarie developed an early love for science which was encouraged by her father as they conducted simple experiments together. She graduated from high school first in her class but was unable to pursue further education because of the "rule" in Poland that only men could attend college.

Through the help of her sister and her own stubborn determination, she finally succeeded in securing a higher education in Paris. As her legendary and ground-breaking work in science continued, she married, started a family and became one of the world's most brilliant scientists as well as a great humanitarian.

Marie's story will teach children the importance of character and the power of determination in achieving one's goals and dreams. Instructions for all of the experiments she presents will also be available so students can conduct these same experiments in the classroom or at home.


  • Career Day
  • The study of inventors
  • The writing of biographies
  • Units on character education 
  • Units on multi-cultural awareness 
  • A tie-in to the school science fair
  • The subjects of science and social studies


  • October - National Book Month
  • October 19-25 - National CHARACTER COUNTS! Week and National Chemistry Week
  • November 7 - Marie Curie was born
  • November 15-21 - American Education Week
  • February 11 - National Inventor's Day
  • March - Women's History Month
  • March 8 - International Women's Day
  • April - Math Education Month
  • April 12-18 - National Library Week
  • April 19-25 - National Volunteer Week
  • May 1-7 - Teacher Appreciation Week (Marie taught for a number of years)
  • May 11-17 - Children's Book Week

*For specific tie-ins to your state's curriculum and learning standards, please call our office.


"Terrific! All that science presented by a woman! Bravo!"
  -- Kindergarten Teacher, Hatch School, Oak Park
"Inspirational! Children immediately went to the encyclopedia for more information, and they couldn't wait to do the experiments!"
  -- Fourth Grade Teacher, Dawes School, Chicago

"Marie Curie was excellent. I have seen this program three times at three different schools, and each time the children were captivated."
  -- Second Grade Teacher, Memorial/Plains Elementary, Salisbury
"Dramatic, creative and inspiring! Kept all students, even the kindergartners, engaged. Our librarian says the students are coming in to request science books!"
  -- Principal, Federal Street School, Salem

"Wow - the children were spellbound!"
  -- Kindergarten Teacher, Excelsior School, Excelsior
"Excellent! Inspiring! An emphasis on women scientists!"
  -- Fifth Grade Teacher, Cornelia School, Edina


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