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Gabriela Mistral

Hispanic  Children’s Poet

Gabriela Mistral's rich imagination is fueled by the majestic mountains and lush valleys surrounding her small Chilean village.  These brilliant images come alive in her journal writings, and how she develops her vivid poetry and fanciful fables will complement techniques taught in classrooms today. 

Her passion for teaching brings her to Santiago where students will join her in the fun of a regional dance at the Independence Day celebration.  She then hesitantly enters her poems in Chile's national writing contest, is stunned when she is awarded first prize, and ultimately becomes the first Hispanic writer to win the Nobel Prize in literature (1945).

Throughout this engaging reenactment of Gabriela's life, children will participate in some simple Spanish and become familiar with many aspects of South American culture. Elements of poetry writing will also be included to reinforce how poetry is taught in the classroom. Her story will encourage children to express themselves through journal writing and to develop their own gifts and talents to the fullest.


*Career Day
*Units on poetry writing
*Units on journal writing
*The writing of biographies
*Units on character education 
*Units on multi-cultural awareness 
*A tie-in to the study of South America
*The subjects of language arts and social studies


*September 15 - October 15 - National Hispanic Heritage Month’
*October - National Book Month, Diversity Awareness Month
*October 18-24 - National CHARACTER COUNTS! Week
*October 31 - UNICEF Day (Gabriela was one of the founders)
*November - Inspirational Role Models Month
*November 3 - World Community Day
*November 15-21 - American Education Week
*March - Women's History Month
*April - National Poetry Month
*April 2 - International Children's Book Day
*April 4-10 - National Library Week
*May 5 - Cinco de Mayo Day
*May 10-16 - Children's Book Week

*For specific tie-ins to your state's curriculum and learning standards, please call our office.


"Students enjoyed learning some Spanish! Program was creative and easy to understand. Children wanted to learn more and write their own poems!"
  -- First Grade Teacher, Wheatland School, Naperville
"I am extremely proud of the poetry the students have written thus far. It is certainly a testimonial to the impact the performance had on them!"
  -- Seventh Grade Teacher, Budlong School, Chicago

"This was an exceptionally well-done program. It was age appropriate and captivating!"
  -- First Grade Teacher, May Street School, Worcester
"Wonderful experience for the students! I loved how it tied into the journal writing that so many of our classes are doing."
  -- Eighth Grade Teacher, Barrington Middle School, Barrington, RI

"Excellent! So often the children are exposed to the same 'heroes' over and over. It is wonderful for us all to learn about someone new - and a new language/culture at the same time!"
  -- Second Grade Teacher, Centennial School, Lino Lakes
"I liked the poetry aspect. Great inspiration for writing poetry later in the classroom!"
  -- Sixth Grade Teacher, Barton School, Minneapolis


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