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For more than 25 years, Historical Perspectives for Children has presented strong role models for students in grades K-8 by dramatizing the lives of famous women and men in history whose stories specifically complement the Common Core curricula in STEM, character education, social studies and language arts. Each role model is vividly brought to life from childhood through adulthood, showing children how they developed character qualities that were needed, such as resilience, leadership, empathy, curiosity, honesty, self-regulation and optimism, to achieve their dreams and goals.

These compelling, interactive, multi-media portrayals are accented with slides, sound effects, taped voiceover and costume changes to truly bring each character to life. At the end of the show, children will say to themselves, "Maybe I can do that someday!"

All programs are 35 minutes in length followed by ten minutes of questions, and teacher preparation materials are emailed one month in advance. Please visit our SCHEDULE page for current offerings in your area.

We look forward to presenting an inspiring Common Core role model for your students this year!

Helen Keller teaching the students
her manual sign language.


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