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Sally Ride

Astronaut and Scientist

Jane AddamsSally Ride is glued to the classroom television as astronaut John Glenn blasts off into space. "I want to do that," she quietly says to herself, only to be reminded that girls can't be astronauts. They can't be shortstop for the LA Dodgers either, another early aspiration, and she soon sets her sights on tennis, learning teamwork and good sportsmanship.

Her insatiable curiosity leads to a passion for science, and children will join in Sally's discoveries through fun, interactive experiments, all of which they can do again at home. As she matures, she studies the wonders of the universe and finally, when girls can, she becomes America's first woman astronaut and a passionate advocate for STEM. Her compelling story will ignite students' curiosity and inspire them to dream, dare and develop their own gifts and talents to the fullest.


  • Common Core in STEM, social studies and language arts
  • Women's history
  • American history
  • Character education
  • Biographies
  • Authors
  • Space studies
  • Team building and leadership
  • School book fair


*October - National Book Month
*October 19-23 - National CHARACTER COUNTS! Week
*November - Inspirational Role Models Month
*November - Aviation History Month
*November 16-20 - American Education Week
*January - Reaching Your Potential Month
*February 11 - National Inventor's Day
*March - Women's History Month
*March - Expanding Girls' Horizons in Science and Engineering Month
*April: Global Astronomy Month
*May: Young Achievers/Leaders of Tomorrow Month
*May 26: Sally Ride's Birthday

*For specific tie-ins to your state's curriculum and learning standards, please call our office.



"Everything was wonderful -- the program, the teacher materials -- everything. This was the best show we've had!"

--Teacher, St. Josaphat School, Chicago

"Very engaging program. Great science experiments using students as helpers!"

--Teacher, Glen Oaks School, Hickory Hills

"We thoroughly enjoyed the program. Students loved the science experiments and the question and answer period. Great experience for all!"

--Principal, Wiesbrook School, Wheaton

"Fantastic! Promoted positive thinking, scientific thinking, play fair, growth mindset, too. Kids were enthralled. We absolutely loved you!"
--Teacher, Loomis School, Lake Zurich
"My students really enjoyed the assembly and the experiments. They checked out many books about space and Sally Ride afterward."
--Teacher, Riley School, Northlake
"Nice to see a "modern" figure. Loved encouraging girls in science!"
--Teacher, St. William's School, Chicago
"These programs are always fantastic. So engaging and informative."
--Teacher, Benson School, Itasca



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